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Gun Safes

Welcome to Oregon Trail Safe Co. in Hermiston, OR. We carry a full line of Ft. Knox Safes Safes. Home and Gun Safes. We are committed to providing our customers with security of the highest quality safes, Gun, Home, Vault, and Floor safes available for superior home security and fire protection.
If you are looking for high quality, secure Safe for your home or business, Ft. Knox Safes are here for your security.

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Contact us anytime, for a Ft Knox catalogue of our security safes, We have a complete line of Ft. Knox Safes. We will have a online catalogue of all our Ft. Knox Safes, Watch our website for future updates of all our Safes. We keep you current with all the new Ft. Knox Safe designs. Serving all of America…

But we are located on the West Coast side of the USA. Choose from many, Gun, Security, floor, vaults, wall safes. We have what you want, at a low and affordable price. Be sure to check out our newest line of security. Ft. Knox tops the market with safes. We have updated the fire rating on all the safes on our site, and invite you to especially look at the Top of the linesafes. West Coast Customers have shorter shipping times of Ft. Knox Safes to California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Our goal at Oregon Trail Safe Co. is to provide our customers with the best products that the safe industry has to offer. Ft. Knox Safes has, for years, been the industries number one selling brand of gun safes. By dealing only with the best companies like Ft. Knox and because of our high volume of Ft. Knox , we can deliver to our customers the best security for the best value in the business. Since a Ft. Knox safe tends to be a one-time purchase for most people, it is important to buy right and this means purchasing the best security for the best value for your dollar. The security business is like any other, you get what you pay for. At Oregon Trail Safe Co. the quality of our safes speak for themselves.

Custom Car Gun Safes

If you go for hunting trips you take the guns out of your gun safe and into less protective your car. We found that weird so we developed our own gun safes. Our custom made car/SUV gun safes can be found in the Range Rovers from our Range Rover Hire partner. This offers you a unique trip into the wilderness. 4×4 Cars that mix luxury and proper off road capabilities and you can test out our gun safes. To find out more about discount for car rentals visit our Range Rover page. Please make sure you specify that you want the Range Rovers that come with our custom made car gun safes. To find out more about our car gun safes click here.


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